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Occupational Health Consultants 

About Our Approach-

Occupational Health Consultants puts resources and expertise in action to meet the needs of your workplace health and hygiene  requirements                                 

 Our services -

  • Management of the Occupational Health Of employee On monthly/half yearly/yearly check-ups 

  • Ensure compliance with healthcare regulations and safety standards and maintain the required records

  • Address medical problems of the workers as well as any industrial health related problems for all employees

  • Conduct Pre-employment health evaluations for all new hires (including contract persons) and Annual Health Check-ups of existing employees. Also conduct abnormality follow ups for all health deviations detected and monitor them at regular intervals.

  • Handle First Aid & Emergency Care arising out of accidents, sickness, or any other pandemic.

  • Pandemic planning and related activities to be carried out.

  • Train employees on Basic Healthcare, First Aid, fitness regime and other relevant topics. Run fitness programmes and conduct period health camp with specialists, across the organization as required.

  • Monitor First-aid box medicines are in place and not expired, if medicine expired than replace medicine.

  • Provide emergency care to the employees in case of workplace related injuries, illness, and exposure. Perform administrative duties and risk management.

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